Michael Felman of MSF Capital Advisors

Michael Felman

MSF Capital Advisors

Michael Felman is President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors, a global multi-family office. Besides his own family office, his firm advises other family offices and a select group of high net worth individuals. Mr. Felman began his investment career as an Angel Investor. He invested in real estate, film projects, technology companies and a restaurant. Mr. Felman received his B.A from Clark University and J.D. from Pace University. Winner of Acquisition International 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Global Multi-Family Office award. Winner of Wealth & Finance International 2014 Global Multi-Family Office Award. A member of the NYU Stern Family Office Council. He is a frequent speaker at family office, hedge fund and emerging markets conferences.