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Agenda for September 1st, 2021

11am to 12:30pm ET

Investors and other Insiders take us "Back to School on Private Equity"


11:00 am ET – Introductory Comments

·      Kevin McCaffrey, Managing Member at Private Markets Insider [Webinar Host]


11:05 am ET – Panel Discussion – “How is History Shaping Current Events in Private Equity?”


·      Jonathan LaCrosse, Managing Partner at Gabriel Horn Capital [Webinar Chair]


·      Matt Curtolo, Director, Private Equity at MetLife Investment Management


11:40 am ET – Featured Fund Strategy: 

Hamilton Robinson – “Performance via Consistency & Co-Investments”

·      Brandon Richter, Managing Director at Hamilton Robinson [Webinar Sponsor]


11:45 am ET – Panel Discussion – “Investing for Peak Performance in Private Equity”


·      Brandon Richter, Managing Director at Hamilton Robinson [Webinar Sponsor]


·      Gijs van Thiel, Managing Partner at 747 Capital 

·      Paul Kang, President & CIO at Alta Capital Group

·      David Hartford, Senior Advisor at Calibrium AG

We continue to build a valuable community around valued investments via the Private Markets Insider platform of webinars, summits, related content, and investment opportunities.

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