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Private Markets Insider Webinar

July 1, 2020 / 11:00-12:30 ET 

(All Times ET)


Explore curated funds, deals, and a discussion of “Private Markets Opportunities in Healthcare in Times of Global Change” among industry Insiders. 

Don't miss the featured interview with LANCE ARMSTRONG as he moves beyond cycling fame and cancer recovery to embrace his "Next Ventures" as an investor. 

Who is Participating: Family Offices, other LPs, GPs, Independent Sponsors, and Deal Sources invited by Webinar Chairs. 

Webinar Chairs & Featured Speakers: (biographies to be on the website)

 Jason Mundt, Managing Director – Siguler Guff & Company

• Christian Bjelland, Family Office Investor – Chr. Bjelland & Co.

• Gary M. Post, Investment Partner – Andina Family Offices

• Michael Felman, President – MSF Capital Advisors

• Lance Armstrong, Managing Partner – Next Ventures

• Jonathan LaCrosse, Managing Member – LaCrosse Investments 374 

• Kevin McCaffrey, Vice President – LaCrosse Investments 374

Please follow up with for additional details or free initial Insider Membership (targeted introductions and input into topical considerations moving forward). 

We continue to build a valuable community around valued investments via the Private Markets Insider platform of webinars, summits, related content, and investment opportunities. 

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