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The Webinar Agenda (11am to 12:30pm ET) will feature LP & GP Insider views on the Private Markets.

Investors and other Insiders discuss what's next in a world of ongoing change, opportunity, and risk.

·      Eric Newman, Treasury Manager at City of Stamford

·      Sasha Bernier, Managing Director at Cheltenham Enterprises

·      Brett Hickey, Founder & Managing Partner at Star Mountain Capital [Webinar Sponsor]

·      Calvin Marks, Director at Felicitas Global Partners

·      Michael Burt, Partner at Promethean Investments

·      Kevin McCaffrey, Vice-President at Gabriel Horn Capital [Webinar Host]

We continue to build a valuable community around valued investments via the Private Markets Insider platform of webinars, summits, related content, and investment opportunities.

Feel free to follow up with questions or suggestions at

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