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Private Markets Insider Webinar

April 7, 2021 / 11:00-12:45 ET 

(All Times ET)

Webinar Agenda (11am to 12:45pm ET)

Investors and other Insiders discuss "Differentiated Opportunities in PE & VC" throughout this Agenda:

Panel Discussion (35 minutes) – “Keys to Outperformance in Private Equity”


·       Jonathan LaCrosse, Managing Member at LaCrosse Investments 374 [Webinar Chair]


·       Michael Groneberg, Managing Director at Thrivent Financial

·       Alex Abell, Partner at RCP Advisors


Fireside Chat (25 minutes) – “Early-Stage VC as a Distinct Asset Class… and Why this Matters”

·       Charles Sidman, Managing Partner at ECS Capital Partners [Webinar Chair]

·       Neil Littman, CEO & General Partner at Bioverge


Panel Discussion (35 minutes) – “Seeking Strong Returns in Venture Capital”


·       Charles Sidman, Managing Partner at ECS Capital Partners [Webinar Chair]


·       Howard Gurvitch, Principal at Gurvitch Family Office

·       Jerome Antenen, Managing Director and Head of Equity Investments at Truvvo Partners

·       Kevin Moore, Partner at Spur Capital Partners

Hosted by Kevin McCaffrey, Managing Member at Private Markets Insider

Please follow up with for additional details or free initial Insider Membership (targeted introductions and input into topical considerations moving forward).

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