The Webinar Agenda (11am to 12:30pm ET) will feature LP & GP Insider views on the Private Markets.

"Is it different this time?" Let’s ask these experts tasked with capturing trends and charting a path forward via Secondaries, Co-Investments, Blockchain, and other esoteric themes going mainstream:


· Kevin McCaffrey, Managing Member at Gabriel Horn Capital [Webinar Host]

· John Dickie, Co-Head of US Private Equity at abrdn (aka Aberdeen Asset Management)

· Nash Waterman, Head of PE Secondaries at Morgan Stanley

· Vishal Shah, Director at Northleaf Capital Partners

· Maneesh Gandhi, Partner, Due Diligence at Evanston Capital Management 

· Howard Gurvitch, Managing Member at HRG Group (aka Gurvitch Family Office) 

· Christopher Johnson, Principal at Knightsbridge Advisers


Who is Participating: Family Offices, other LPs, GPs, and Deal Sources invited by Webinar Chairs.

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