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Copy of Copy of Copy of PMI webinar July

Private Markets Insider Webinar

November 4, 2020 / 11:00-12:30 ET 

(All Times ET)


The Webinar Agenda (11am to 12:30pm ET) will feature LP & GP Insider views on “Private Credit, Private Equity & Key Investments for the Next 4 Years." 

Who is Participating: Family Offices, other LPs, GPs, and Deal Sources invited by Webinar Chairs. 

Updated list of Webinar Chairs and Speakers:

• Chris Keller, Portfolio Manager – Archean Capital | Moelis AM

• Simon Littlewood, Partner – Li Family Office

• Penny Paul, Director – Andina Family Offices

• Josh Mayfield, Founding Partner – Ivy Hall Capital

• Jonathan LaCrosse, Managing Member – LaCrosse Investments 374

• Kevin McCaffrey, Vice President – LaCrosse Investments 374 [Summit Host]

We continue to build a valuable community around valued investments via the Private Markets Insider platform of webinars, summits, related content, and investment opportunities. 

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